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Organics And More Plants In Our Homes

Organic homes are always colorful, fresh and comfortable. So don’t miss the chance to decorate your home with garden-inspired pieces. It’s not all about fresh plants and flowers, although that’s the goal. You also have to be careful when choosing the furniture. The indoors need to be resistant to cold weather and humidity. But the garden is just as important as the outdoors, the elements creating a fresh and vibrant décor.

Try a combination of colors. There are many different combinations you can use. Some pieces are more closely linked to summer whereas others are more suited to winter. Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create, combine bold colors such as peach, turquoise, yellow or green but neutral tones, muted tones of some species can also look good. A Finnish garden is the perfect example. It has an evel orange section with a pair of bright plants placed in some large planters.{found on dekio}.

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If you want your home to feel like an oasis in the middle of nature, a garden with comfortable furniture and vibrant colors could be the best solution. Opt for bean bag chairs, poufs and other things designed to offer a little privacy, but don’t steal all the attention.{picture from site}.

Try a helix chair with a metal structure and a leather seat. The combination of colors and the materials is clever and yet simple, the two sitting on the ground being complemented by a wall unit with shelves and a mobile module placed on the floor.{found on Howeverer Associates}.

The beautiful thing about a garden swing is that, even though it’s summer, the shade is not that friendly. Use the garden swing as a decoration on the patio for a chic and also fragile look.{found on From Usoworks}.

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A sun lounge swing similar to this one is perfect for the garden. It’s made from thick and comfy cotton and it offers the users visual and a pleasant environment, not to mention relaxing options.{found on site}.

This is the Autumn Sleigh Club, an inviting and comfortable club usually found in autumn outdoors. In comes with a champagne cork ottoman, a leather sling pillow and lots and lots of decorations.{found on site}.

The Autumn Wicker Arcylic Hammock Swing is perfect for camping trips, for picnics and play dates, for get-togethers and week-end get-togethers.

Hang the Bois Duvet Arcylic Chair from the tree trunk. It will look magical if you use it in the bedroom.

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And speaking of scarves, you can also use them as decorations on your bed, desk and around the house. Make your own monogram slipper or unique words.

You know those fun bean bag chairs you can make yourself using jute twine and large buttons? Well, take a look at this design. The buttons are actually woven in strips, the best way to make them stay organized.{found on whimlyncleatlawblog}.

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