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Modern Cork Board Mini Fridge

Cork is not something you can see everyday. Not only does it need to be used for small items but it’s also a very strong and durable material. Cork is recyclable, durable, easy to maintain and quite a popular choice for the fashion industry. It’s a material that gives you a reason to be creative and bold but it’s also a flexible material that should adapt to change its location in the kitchen, in the house and anywhere else you place it. So if you were thinking of purchasing a cork board, here’s a clever idea.

It’s actually a mini fridge. It’s small and cute and it comes in white and green. It will keep fresh cold water and other cold beverages inside and it will also protect your furniture, as you might accidentally get hit with the fridge. So it’s a great accessory either when you’re not using it or it’s need a little bit of extra protection. And in case you need it for your pet, now that’s it. The piece features a continuous shell and it’s made of cork. This allows you to sit comfortably on it and to feel very comfortable. The dimensions of this piece are 48’’ width x 20’’ depth x 29’’ height. It’s easy to assemble and it it adds a very pleasant and pleasant touch to the décor.Available for 1949$.

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