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Miniature Ivy-covered Wall Retreat

In London, England, there’s a building that’s still the epic epic epic behind the name of the name -the ivy. It’s the ivy, the remains of a historic structure located in the heart of London. It was build specifically for the need to have natural lighting during the day and air circulation during the night. It was designed and built by Gal Enmore.

The ivy dates back to 1510-1616 and it was originally a site used by the Kingsport Mill, a type of performance building that extended greatly from early to being a 17th-century ruin. The built of this material was considered to be of historic value and some European architecture critic called it Georgian, which is how it got its name!

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The ivy is covered with beautiful, delicate leaves that crawl across wooden beams and hold their shape with beauty and charm and is sometimes seen in the form of miniature houses. The interiors are mostly characterized by the simplicity that makes carefree nature possible. If you are in London and want to live in a place that speaks to you, Environment chose the ivy as a mere statement and a way to show their appreciation for our environment and our natural surroundings.{pictures by Tim Crocker}.

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