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Floor Lamps Arching On The Wall

In a room, whether at home or somewhere else, it’s always nice to have at least one source of light to look at. So a lamp that’s placed directly in front of the window, in a quiet or hidden area, is often welcomed. This allows it to be positioned there and to be admired from anyone walking on the wall. Also, there are only those people that are comfortable and able to appreciate the subtle and pleasant details, that are so hard to integrate in a décor. One such lamp is this one by Luciano Scammorelli.

It’s a floor lamp that has a quite unusual design. It has a very simple lamp shade. The shade is round and curved and it perfectly resembles the trees seen near the window. This design gives it a subtle and romantic look. It’s a minimalist lamp shape that would look very nice in the bedroom. It has a strong base and a cone-shaped shade. The light it offers can be a lot confusing but it also diffuse and it blends in easily. It’s a timeless design that would look wonderful in traditional, rustic or contemporary homes.

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It’s indeed a lamp that has very few variations. If you’re looking for a sophisticated design this is the design for you. It has a contemporary look and the simplicity of the shape makes it versatile and perfect for a traditional home or even for a contemporary residence. To support it, a transparent base comes with an integrated lampshade.

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