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Elena Filatova Metal Kitchen Countertop

If you find yourself in a situation where the kitchen is an integral part of the living room, then you will definitely stand out by its design and style. It is a kitchen that needs to be functional and practical, that needs to avoid dull and monotonous areas, that needs to have just the right touch of wood and that needs not to be over-the-top or unappealing. The Elena filatov steel kitchen countertop is an exception that will help you achieve the effect you were looking for.

This kitchen countertop is a part of the entertainment unit that seems to be floating above the fixed wooden base. The countertop seems to be suspended from the ceiling and seems to hold all the pots, bowls and even the cutting boards. The island if very accurate and it makes sense because of its precise and delicate design. The dimensions are W x H x W x H. This kitchen countertop is made of coated glass and steel.

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As it must be mentioned, this product is not made automatically, but rather molded and hand-polished according to the specific needs of the kitchen. Furthermore, it includes FDA approved for commercial use. This kitchen is a great idea if you want to use it for the baking process.

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