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Dresser In Closet’s Wardrobe

I don’t know if it’s Christmas now or just yesterday, but I would like to present you a pretty dresser in my bedroom. The closet is full of little things that need storage and that need to be organized in a neat and cute way, in a way that is pleasant for you and your kid. To make this special, I’ve decided to share the dresser with you, in a very elegant and chic way.

It features wide shelves and storage baskets in two sizes, and those little knobs that are part of the drawer unit are really cute and lovely. It also has two tone combinations, which is a beautiful representation of what a nursery room should look like. In my opinion there should be more dressers like this one. I personally like the simple design and I think this could use a makeover too.

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The dresser is only sold unfinished and original so as to match some designer furniture. The dimensions of this piece are 72? x 42? x 18?. It’s a really unique and interesting piece that can be placed basically anywhere in the house. It has a very distinguished look that makes it very versatile. You can even use it as a part of your office design. You can customize it and find one particular thing that you really like and that suits your house.{found on housegeek}

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