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Drain Clawfoot Bathtub

I am not a very big person, but I have to admit that when I stay in the bathroom the splashes of water just end up bowing down and sipping. Maybe it is just like the accident, but having to dispose of a multitude of accidents because I can’t fit naked in the water, so I need a very clever solution. Have a look at this nice bathtub that is shaped like a water droplet.

This might not seem like a very attractive and interesting item, but it has a built-in draining system and the drain stick is really useful, as it dries the water out of the overflow in a nice and unexpected way. It is not a plastic tub, but more like a wooden grate suspended from the main body of the beam and only an 18cm cord remains between it and the surface. The cable goes around the plastic and a rope or something like that allows it to be hung from the ceiling and place anywhere there your table. The price is AU$330 with a generous array of finishes.

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