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Costco End Tables By Hubert Calzada – Natura Collection

The Natura Collection is a category of furniture that focuses on high aesthetic value, fabrication and technology. The furniture pieces created by Hubert Calzada are all innovative statement pieces for today’s modern homes. The Natura Collection comprises of seating, bed, chairs and tables, featuring combinations of materials to create classical, elegant pieces of furniture. The unique end tables are available in a variety of shapes and textures and are available only in white, but are equally beautiful with a gloss finish and a matt version. Also available are metal, wood, acrylic and plywood tables.

Despite the simplicity of their designs, these furniture pieces have a dramatic impact and become the focal point of attention. It makes them the focal point, rather than the piece of furniture, and they command attention in the process.

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Regardless of the design, these pieces demonstrate that industrial impact comes from more than just the steel construction. Because they are not directly welded, they are strong and capable of supporting weight. The end tables are indeed strong and durable, with plenty of historical references left for us to pierce into their surfaces.

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