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Bella’s House Twilight By Rzlbd:

twilight comes to us from the forest, where all dreams are dark and dark until Christmas, when it disappears into the atmosphere. It represents a new day, a new beginning, a new beginning, a new beginning, a new beginning, a unique and mysterious atmosphere. The same concept dominates this house, where the Bella Lily of the late Nineteenth century hangs from the ceiling, like a dynamic ship.

It is the same ship again from the perspective of the third floor, the ship in the clouds. The spiral “brim”, the thin edges, the blue glass skin, everything seems to complement one another in a harmonious way, according to the dialogue between shapes and sizes.The details are pure in all their details. The most striking is represented by the bed that seems to be floating on a sculptural base, the head that seems to float over a pendant. The details are not too many and almost none of them is not at all similar to each other, yet they are close in skill – perfect by the standards. All of them create a unique atmosphere within a totally new space. The white walls and ceiling, the use of vertical lines and the context of the lighting, all add up to a complete environment, which seems to exist in order to protect the environment.{found on archdaily}

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