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Bathroom Dresser By Ibride Pitito

Ibride Pitito is the creator of the bathroom dresser called Ibride Fire. This piece of furniture is a great addition to a glamorous and futuristic decorated bathroom. Although it seems to be a very popular item among the interior designs, it is actually an original and very beautiful design that can help you create the perfect look for your bathroom.

The piece is made of wood, but its modern design is brown colored so it can match other features of the bathroom. The warm brown used on the piece of furniture is the perfect background to also use it as an art object. It is a strong and durable piece, with its wood base and rack feet with bronze finish. It seems like a very stable piece of furniture, as it also has its own weight that keeps it rolling on the floor.

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In case you happen to have the wood you will get one of the legs that are specific to bathroom. For example the legs are made of wood and they have a black finish. Unfortunately, for some of you, they will get damaged in time, so make sure you use a lighter shade. This piece of furniture will be purchasing a gray polyurethane finish.

The dresser looks really good in the black finish, but it will always look different under brighter colors, so if you purchase the piece in this color, it will look a little different. I think it would be best to have two pieces of such hardworking wood and try to use them together in order to obtain a secure buy. This way you get a product that will perfectly fit the space and your kid will love it.

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