Apartment Bartender Industrial By Futura DuraFF

Italian company Futura DuraFF has created a stylish cocktail bar called bartender industrial. Located in Trêsà, a small town in northern Italy, this apartment bar is a seafronty place to make a party rich! Featuring a commercial bar in demolition, the Amsterdam-based firm is breaking the mold with a contemporary industrial design that complements our fast-paced lifestyle. The high ceiling draws attention instantly, and the concrete columns reflect light throughout. The space is cool and industrial-elegant, combining a swiveling bar table and an industrial bar cart.

Light concrete reflects through the glass walls, and reappears in unexpected places throughout the apartment, where it seemed to sparkle just out of the shell. The contemporary industrial look is so easy to achieve, and all the outstanding details come together to create a truly fabulous gathering space.

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We love the sophisticated use of high ceilings and tall glass walls, and we especially love the bar industrial look. Lounge chairs flank the glass wall, their solid white surfaces contrasted with warm wood elements. The structure’s cold dark wood complements the liquor jars that face the kitchen banquette facing the kitchen. Contemporary minimalism meets the function clean-cut lines.

The bar brings a modern touch to your barbecue area, where a long wooden table centered against laminated wood beams spans the length of the ceiling. The cool brown chairs are easy to pull off and the mix of white and tan chairs gives the casual feel.

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The bar is outfitted with a stainless steel countertop and chrome cabinetry. The warm-colored steel light fixtures cast a casual light over the bar area. The dining area has a modern table extension, which stillens the contemporary feel of the space.

A pair of contemporary modern occasional tables provide a contemporary yet relaxed seat. The sleek style is softened by the wood table frames.

The bar is outfitted with a stainless steel countertop and chrome cabinetry. The brown tones keep the bar from feeling too structured. The wood is not throughout the space, accenting the bar stools and continuing the modern aesthetic.

The floor continues to the same black material as the ceiling, but here, more prep space is added for the base hardware. The concrete floor is a perfect contrast to the wood on the ceiling.

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Upstairs is where a family room is located. Designed with the open concept layout, the room offers lots of living space for the family. A small cluster around a low rectangular window keeps the space feeling larger.

The family room is a study of efficient minimalism. A single, tall bookcase incorporates drawers for books and items while the central track lighting gives the all-important items a touch of decorum.
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