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27in Tv Room Designed In A Weekend Cottage, England

Stories about houses that have a guest room or less than an extra room are real and they usually have no practical aspect. However, they also have decorative elements. There beautiful white walls of the house, furniture with a more formal look, an elegant fireplace or an unusually blue pendant light. And you also have the closets where you can see a reminder of the old structure.

This lovely guest house is like a white laboratory where you can work and what is your home is all about. The warm tones of beige, brown, grey or the wood that surrounds the house create a really cozy atmosphere and you have the opportunity to feel at ease while you can do all your activities that integrate in this house.

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The living room has a beige complete with dark brown chairs and black floors and a somewhat elegant lamp from Moooi. The kitchen is spacious and also offers access to alot of outdoor space. The wood parquet on the wall matches the tones from the bedroom and also adds a little warmth to the whole room. You can take this modern guest house with you everywhere, from small places, from the patio to the attic.{found on dekio}.

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