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Ziploc ToteskUtro, A Project With A Unique Concept

On the other hand, when we think about every single item with a different function, we often think about small items that, when put together, have different functions. But we should also think about furniture that is usually used in the kitchen, for example the kitchen island in this case as well as the furniture in the living room. Some items are just small enough to be unnoticed and that impresses on other level as well.

Zaidek is a concept which focuses on logical integration between the kitchen and living room. It was designed by Larue Architects for a client located in Valencia, Spain. The client was blind to say the least and offered to have features like a stove, a sink, a small coffee station and a TV unit with a sliding door which, depending on the position of the table can be viewed as well as the position of the TV.

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The concept is very interesting. It’s a concept which shows us a different way of living in the kitchen. We can discover that in all the examples that are presented here already. The important thing is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and then to see what could they be so that we can enjoy all the important activities that a normal home can offer us.For those who are serious about them here is a nice and interesting project that presents solutions to some of the problems presented by kitchens at the modern level.May you at least spoil your beloved persons.

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The Vienna presented here is an innovative kitchen designed by Lundberg Demi Design. It consists of two levels. The first level of the kitchen contains a kitchen, dining area, living room and one bedroom. It also houses a sauna, a swimming pool, a study and two covered decks on each of the two levels. This kitchen is equipped with all the technological appliances necessary, so that you can do your free time plus whatever you want to do in the kitchen.

The second level of the kitchen houses a living room with a sofa, a grill, a TV remote control and electrical appliances, and a bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. This lakes the main area of the kitchen and is divided into two parts: one part showing all the technical objects and another one more elements shows the kitchen’s connection to the living room. Lundberg Demi Design find it really useful and beautiful.

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