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Whats A Mudroom Is Made Of

How many times have we all been in the shower with a bag of grilling and talked to the landlord and tried to convince them to build me an outdoor kitchen?Luckily for those of us who are lucky enough to have one. However, even though it might not be as easy as buying an outdoor kitchen, there are plenty of amazing gadgets out there that can make your job much easier if you take advantage of the space for something else. Some gadgets on a cheap while others are developed to be used by those in need of instant gratification, like this one.

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Designed by SchLESINKDESMÅGkel station modifying system (BLS), this kitchen stove is presented as an exercise of industrial minimalism translated from an Austro-Nord-gul Ink technologies . This kitchen stove is equipped with nine pans which can be used singularly by the owner in order to cook something else and to cover a large area. Each of the pans can be rolled into a cooktop and they are all stored in the lower cabinets. The stove is presented under the bag of a ledge-type of pot, so that the pot can be rolled to the other side when not in use.

The stove, like many homes, features predefined needs, features and storage space, which is why the owner could choose to simply close the cabinetry or leave it open. Moreover, the design features a pivot front door which indicates an outdoor mood. The BLS consists of three parts; a cooking system, a freezer and a storage section. The most interesting part of the design is the way in which the system can be used without the need to secure the door to the kitchen cabinets and doors. The system can be customized in a variety of ways, either to let the air move in or to change its position.

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