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Unfinished Bedroom Furniture By Bostudio Associati

Sometimes we feel tired of an apartment and decide to take it for a walk instead. It would be a sad storm but our dreams are probably dimensions and we would like to stay. There’s not enough space for that but until then there are. And when you think to take a break you’ll probably feel better and you’ll feel like home. Bostudio Associati has created an unfinished bedroom furniture collection.

The collection includes bed shaped like a heart, with the message “I love you as much as I’ll love you” written on the metal background. It’s a very interesting idea that takes us back in time and that represents the first step towards a more relaxing atmosphere. The pieces are simple but yet very interesting and they would make any bedroom feel warm and comfy.

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The collection is very interesting and the colors look very beautiful in this combination. They look great against the brown tones used in the same collection. There aren’t any plain brown shades. Instead one of the options can be painted be black. That would be a very elegant and chic color palette. Bostudio Associati used the beautiful colors of natural wood and the other one is an earthy shade of green. The pieces look beautiful against the neutral palette, mostly chosen in a limited edition.{found on curbly}

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