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Sims Home Design In Denmark – A Minnesota Delight

We are constantly looking for the perfect idea for our home and we are finding remarkable ideas that are based on sparkling water and sparkling light. One of them is brought by designer StenhusÜby. The first Minnesota Division looks like a magic lake that seems to come from the fabulous sky of dusk and day. A glass panel at one end of the room offers you the opportunity to enjoy its beauties like turquoise blue and white bath or complement your interior with the intensity of blue ceiling lights or the electric blue light chandelier that can lighten your mood.

The bedroom is also treated to a sparkling contrast. As the large Jacuzzi is definitely an eye-catching feature and the elegant chandelier makes it shine, so does the wooden table with its curly sofas. The huge and inspiring windows will definitely get your attention and if you have more than one too the result will be spectacular.

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The kitchen is so simple and exquisite that you will love it. Its large windows allow natural light to get inside throughout the day and lovely paintings and decorative details that have lived on them for some time will complete this amazing atmosphere.

The bedroom is actually parquet and white, a combination that seems to be very in right, designing perfectly with the nice balance of colors, the wooden beams, the glass partition and the bluish-gray floor. The classic bed creates an inviting contrast against the white walls. In fact, the bedroom looks always so warm and relaxing, probably because of the contrast created by such colors.

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