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Planter With Drainage In The Lower Level Of A House In Jardim, Israel

This project is quite unique. It was designed by Uri Cohen Architecture in collaboration with Elad Meiran, Aenaon, Oded Stern and Elad Meiran. The house sits on a 1000 square meter lot in central Jardim, in Israel.The project was completed in 2010.

The house doesn’t look crowded. It actually features a very large and delicate space, with plenty of different sized spaces and with a continuous design. It’s because the house was designed to be modular and to adapt to its surroundings and the users will easily adapt and change their own lifestyle. It’s a great way of saving some space and of using the space as efficiently as possible.

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The modern design of the house was carefully complemented by vibrant colors and vibrant geometries that symbolize the owners’ personality. This is a space where the owners feel they share a passion and they feel connected to a community. I wish I could say that I’m happier than I ever could have been so I would a very creative person.

All the rooms are functional and have simple but human-made elements. The apartment is close to a park and has close proximity to local ecological and beautiful landscape. The beautiful green landscape is an oasis for anyone who wishes to spend their vacation in that area.{found on yatzer}.

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