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Mirrored Tv Cabinet – Glass TV Stand Made From Layers Of Hand Blown Glass

If you’re looking for a special solution for a small area or just adding some more decorative details to a room, we found it for you. It’s a mirror tv cabinet and it has a very interesting design. Even though it seems like the old and unused piece of furniture, you would still need a space if you’re looking for that piece of furniture for you. The mirror cabinet is not just a simple piece. It’s hand made from layers of hand blown glass. Not only that it features a very interesting design, but it also has a small shelf.

This small shelf can be used as a space divider or a great piece to display some books in, or a place where you can keep jewelry, CDs, magazines, table cloths and all sorts of other items. The mirror cabinet is part of the same collection along with several other pieces such as the table or the shelf. Now these exotic mirrors are able to easily add class and glamour to any room of the house. They are not as eye-catching as the ones you can see in stores but they are just as impressive and they can be used in the house as well, even if you order it online. You can have it for close to nothing: $3.19 – $29.95.

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