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Meile Solaris Natural Brick Victorian House

In the old factory many original details have been preserved, characteristic elements being the history-old features such as the brick structural elements and the wood paneling, the details being characteristic for original and even modern designs. This nice original Viscare House designed by Franz&Svelte architects is no exception. In fact, it was originally a brickwork building. It has been redone to its original, almost minimalist look. Even the original finish such as the wood veneer, however, is considered worth preserving. The house was divided up into distinct “rooms” or areas. This allows them to be connected freely to each other and to the surroundings.

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The actual building is surrounded by lush green areas. Here, the guests’ main bedroom offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the sky. The most amazing thing about this residence would have to be the views when seen from a distance. The structure is very simple and also very modern. The architecture and interior design balance each other and they’re harmonious and they manage to look professional and even professional.

The residence is not the only unique structure that this house has built up from the ruins it also has a very interesting story behind it. The house used to be an iron-bead salvaged out of the ground in the 1800s but it has been transformed into a cozy and inviting home. Travertine and marble dominate the architectural mix and a variety of natural and artificial features are spread throughout the house. Some of the defining accent features include elements such as the small arch and the use of stone for the staircase railings and the exterior exterior facades. This, together with the combination of oxide sand and white accents results in a modern and very inviting interior. The kitchen is big and open, with a sink and countertop on two different levels. The whole house has that old, historic look and the interior décor makes you feel like you’re spending it all in style.{found on archdaily}

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