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Mauve Paint Color: A Colorful And Fun Sport

The color yellow is a cheerful and vibrant color associated with the sun. However, there’s something very soothing about it, even though it can be perceived as a cold color. Maintaining a similar tone throughout the house is not easy either as each color has its own characteristics and unique characteristics. The yellow featured in this case is a color that stands out while also being an important accent color.

The house is colorful without being bold. Notice the cheerful deck, the patio and the lovely interior décor. The house features ground-Gray shades throughout the spaces. The walls, floors and furniture are all white. This ensures a simple overall décor, a neutral color mix. Also, there’s also a nice balance of light and dark shades, be they warm or cold. If a certain color is too bright, it can become tiresome for the eyes and can even be annoying. A pale shade of yellow is perfect for bright decors.

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Another color can be easily combined with white. For example, this family room features ice blue as the main accent color used in a balanced manner. The crisp white décor is balanced by the mint green artwork and the beige area rug. The pop of yellow comes in the form of a few pastel green pendant lamps or the green pendant light that also serves as a focal point.

In the children’s room, beige is the color that dominates the décor and it’s used beautifully in combination with yellow as a color. The large yellow piece offers it a playful look. The yellow shade is repeated in a variety of forms, the for example on the shelving unit, the area rug, the wall art, the etc.

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by Claudia Uribe Photography

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