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Greige Living Room For A Warm, Natural Interior Design

The living room is the space where we welcome family and friends to spend time together, where people socialize and where we spend free time with the friends. In the living room, you must use a soft color palette based on shades of beige. This is the room that will always look more warm and cozy than the other rooms because it is the room where you receive your guests with all the comfort that this color may offer. It is why it is important to match the room color with the furniture and decorations.

The sofa should have a pale beige upholstery. The armchairs of the same color should be covered with soft cushions with a fine texture.

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The media console and the chair of the living room should be in dark brown leather and the cushions of the master bedroom should be in dusty pink. The colors of the sofa should be combined with the accents of the other furniture pieces in order to complete the whole furniture arrangement.

The walls are painted in pastel blue. The fireplace is a favorite item of the room and the focal point of the living room. The pink cushions with white cushions are the focal point of the living room. The kitchen is a black and white mix. The counter top and sink are made of a black granite. The cooker hood of the kitchen is made of a chrome steel combination with stainless steel accents. The thick dining table is the main element of the living room. Here those in the bedroom are pleasing for the window frames. The white leather bed is accompanied by a bookcase and a round bedside lamp. A round wall mirror above the bed is also a unique and original element. Another unique element are the door knobs. They complete the whole design of the room.

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