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Floating Glass Bathroom Cabinets

Just because a piece of furniture looks amazing in the room it doesn’t mean it should be unnoticed in a small bathroom. If you like simple and elegant designs, we have something to share with you. Today we’re going to show you the next generation of glass cabinets. Believe it or not, there are also cabinets for small bathrooms like this one.

The transition from room to room isn’t as abrupt as it could have but we still suggest you check the collections offered by Franny Bernoustair. Shapes and sizes are similar and this gives the cabinets a dynamic look. In addition, there are frosted glass doors which let you see inside without any blurring. The overall image is unexpected and a little bit pretentious but just wonderful.

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In the case of the bathroom cabinets you can notice that frosted glass is not only for safety and privacy but also for color. It’s a color that’s easy to distinguish from everything else and what’s also wonderful is the level of gloss. Glossy pieces are more dramatic and so is this particular design. This is a kitchen cabinet, a kitchen sink cabinet, a coffee table, etc.

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