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Cotyledon Succulent Pots For Kids

Purchasing some pot pots for the nursery is great because this way you get to have the color palette of your perfect nursery and also get the extra counter space for all the little ones that like to draw everything else around them. It gets to be bright and cheerful and it can be easy to reach the store with all the little pots you can buy. It’s why we thought it might be useful to show you a few of the options available.

The first thing you need to know in just a few minutes is what is the right size for your pots. If it seems like a really big pot but it takes up so much space you won’t even believe your first thought. For small pots just use standard-size, square pot stands. This one measures 14 1/2?w x 9 3/8?d x 14 1/2?h and it has to be mounted on a wall. However, you can usually easily remove it without making a mess.

If you prefer something very simple and easy to remove at first sight, the size should be just fine. This pots, for example, measures 6 1/2? x 7/8? and has a black finish. They are easy to install on a wall and simple to use. The first step is to draw a line at the position of the plant so you know where to place it.

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If you decide to use a stand that’s at the bottom right side and 4 sides are empty (which is the perfect position for a pot), form it into an X.Measure 3/4? from the corner of one edge and mark where your cutting row is. Follow the instructions on the packaging to cut it.

Use a utility knife to cut the perfect piece for the stand you’ve chosen. On top of the knife, carefully hold the top stand upright and lie the piece down in a circular motion.

Place the stand upside down on a clean rag and make sure all the crevices and lines appear. Repeat until the stand is completely completely covered.

To give the pots a more vintage-inspired look, mark with a pen the desired design and dimensions. Start by cutting a circle from some scrap pieces of wood.

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Take the scrap wood and carefully twist it to the wood using a router or string to make sure it has the right shape. You can use hot glue to cover the bracing and give the pots a nice lacquered look.

After you’ve seen the design you can place it on both the bottom and the top of the pots. Put your plant in one pot and the other upside down. You can sand down the wood and stain or paint it. Secure it to the planter according to your instructions or let it dry.

The last project we want to show you is a DIY succulent planter. The one we’re going to show you how to make using 2×8’ two-by-two’s and one #6, 6’’ x 4’’. First trace around the petals with a pencil. Cut and stick them to the pots. Fill the pot with water and plant both the seeds and the greenery.

The soil and the plant should have a mesh of jute and cotton string. Add a tiny drop of soil in a peat sprout. Plant the seeds in these mesh pieces. String and fill the mesh with plant seeds.

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Now starts taking measures. You should place a plant in a way that the pots are tightly together, much like you’re using a large pot. When you’re leaning the mesh against the plant, it won’t hang pretty. The bright green pot is hanging down pretty well.

Now that the setup is established, pot your plants inside the house, the patio or the deck. Try to plant only the cutest ones, without filling the empty spaces around the house.

Take a better look at your pots – what flowers look best in them? Fill them with beautiful greens – do they look good in your house? Before choosing the plants inside the house, test out the dimensions, size, and shape before choosing the plants purely based on the look you’re going for.

Choose plants that fit your mood and your home’s personality. For example, if the room is minimalist and chic, you may like whole plants that look out of date so you stick to that.

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