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Collezione Europaolo From Cell Phone Technology To Clothes Collection And A Whole Series Of Accessories

This collection of products called Cell phone by cell phone company Marmur Studio of Italy is a complete combination of leading lights, features, accessories and lockers.All products are equipped with the company’s cell phones – as well as other technology companies’ technology. They are made by combining the light bulb and the clothes that are used in the house. They can become old accessories perfectly adapted to a specific environment.

These products are perfect for a person who is in love with technological devices and gadgets.If you take a look at the clothes collection from cell phone company Marmur Studio you will see that there are a lot of different designs , some of which are really simple, some were actually very useful, others a little more sophisticated, like this one. It is a collection of little clocks, which can be combined in different ways so that you can form a sequence of times like a classical person’s sequence.

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The collection is also a collaboration between the Italian businessman Arco Capital and the British business Prince Daniel. It will be coming in a limited edition, there are four models, two of them are very modern and some others a little more vintage and with a vintage feel. Some models are a couple of hands-on items like a place card or a jewelry box, while others are accessories that can be placed everywhere: on a table, on the chairs or on the walls. The collection will be coming to you soon, maybe in a few weeks. You can purchase it here for €850.00.

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