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Castiglioni Lamp In White And Blue

Different shapes and colors make pendant lamps and other types of lamps very interesting. Today we’re going to present you a very interesting and unique design but also a very simple one. This lovely table lamp has a very familiar structure. It changes shape with the help of the colored piping. It seems like a very well thought use. Also its defining shape is no other surprise. The lamp is manufactured by Castiglioni.

It’s a very simple and basic table lamp. It has a minimalist overall design, with no additional details or decorative elements. It’s all quite neutral and neutral as soon as you realize it has a this intricate pattern starting on the base. Of course, it’s not this pattern that is eye catching, because that would contradict the purpose if it could actually work. It’s why when Castiglioni designed such a lamp they focused on the little details. They were the ones that got this nuzzles while they were being put on the lamp.

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The piping didn’t really aim at bright colors. It was an attempt to bring some soft close connection with the surrounding space. It’s a combination that works great for a variety of interior designs, color schemes and styles. For a midcentury-inspired kitchen, this table lamp might be the main attraction. Its cotton colored linen drum shade is elegant and stylish. The lamp is hanging from a solid wood dining wood frame. The combination may look very nice but it’s actually not. It has a nice, soft feel to it and this makes it perfect for the bedroom or living room.{found on site}.

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