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Parol Filipino Project Of An Apartment Complex In Paris

Parcel filo is a project designed by Paul Romance de la Rohanne, principal of Paul Romance de la Rococo. It looks very much like a stylized tree on the ground. The apartment in the picture is very spacious, as if the structure has four colored branches starting from the kitchen and finishing in the living room. The front painted in pastel pink and the back painted in green combination appears very nice because it resembles a patchwork board and because it is pretty much black and half painted, the ceiling looks almost white.

I have to say it looks great, as it is white and shiny on the inside. The shape of the board was also a kind of success because this way the designer or the guys with the appropriate skills managed to make the parquet flooring invisible. Any way, the material used for the furniture is a natural white oak and the four legs are made of galvanized steel, so they are strong enough to support the weight of the furniture without any problem. It is a kind of the natural natural nature and tradition, but also the building for a house. The spiral staircase is very simple and elegant, as it has wooden steps that allow the light to come through and also create a nice line where the wood is displayed. All the walls are white and the three painted wooden ceiling boards are the most interesting and elegant elements, as they give an extra sense of coziness.

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Even the floor looks like a good mix of white, black and orange, starting from the kitchen, all over the place including the dining room and continuing with the living room, on the floor and in front of the staircase.

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