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Organize Desktop Wallpaper With Bold Colors And Sculptural Designs

Today’s inspired work is one of our favorite articles, just in case you too have such a DIY habit. This time we’re going to show you how to create your own custom wallpaper, one that would definitely stand out and will be a focal point for the room it is placed in. These designs are featured on Sugar & Cloth and they showcase an array of 2011 modern interior décor and design trends.

The 2011 modern art collection that Sugar & Cloth featured included intricate taxidermy, wall art from antique shops in Florence, Dahlia, Tuscan mirrors and Grecian furniture. These designs definitely add an interesting touch to the rooms they’re in.

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One of the designs created for the Dessamón Chairs is just such a piece. The design of the design is very simple but also very elegant. There are lots of details and decorations that make this design stand out. There’s also a nice and subtle contrast between the wooden cut-outs and the colorful inserts available in the colors of the fabric. The chairs are delivered along with two matching table lamps. They are made of high-quality fabrics and can be just what a dining room needs or something to fill in the gap between the chairs and the table. The lamp is perfect for the table and all the other simple accessories placed around it.

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And in case you’re wondering how you can make your dining room stand out and turn it into a unique space, check out the design of the spotlight featured on Savvyand Wonderful. To make it, the client had to design it after a house in a historic neighborhood. The designer chose to give it a subtle medieval touch, going with the subtle and organic simplicity of the house.

The lighting is not only important as well as the furniture and colors. The dining space integrates perfectly into the décor. It’s made up of several large oak pendant light strips hung on the black beams, the pillars, the table and several other features. The walls are painted black and create a nice linear, clean backdrop. {found on decormodulnova}.

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