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Holiday Mansion Houseboat Hotel In North Of Amsterdam

In a small Dutch village called Utrecht, the inhabitants of this unusual holiday home are looking for a holiday home for their family, one full of comfort, comfort and homelier than others. This houseboat is located in one of the most peaceful residential lands ever chosen. The site was bought by an art and film buff and his wife who supplied the furnishings from their home and story track sheet as well as art and film for the house.

The architect, Hans van Heeswijk, who runs the houseboat company that built it, was asked to design a home that preserved the local vernacular and focused more on contemporary architecture, while at the same time designing a space that combines the owner’s preferences with those of his home. That is why he chose to build it in more original configuration. And it is one thing to renovate an old ship and have it built from scratch and challenging yourself in order to see if you have original ideas or turns out to be original.

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The result is a combination of an open bathroom and living room, kitchen decorated with modern appliances and furniture, with a great view over the surrounding fields, high ceilings and marvelous beaches, etcetera. The house was painted in white to better reflect the natural colors of the surrounding area: a mostly monotone exterior and a very close one inside. The quality of the rustic details matching the house with the surrounding rural houses present on the area. Simple but always in common, the charm of this modern residence will make you forget about the old bothers of the nearby hotels and telephone houses.

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