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Faux Book Spines From The “Paris Barcelot”

Faux book spines from the “Paris Barcelot” are beautiful and allows you to create similar effects in your home, with more versatility and personalized features. Of course, they are useful as book spines too, but not always like this one. I’m not saying that it’s not ugly, but rather stylish and elegant, without anything to make it look better. These book spines come from Paris brand Vinoili, as they are made of real plants. The French brand is famous for its perfumed glass sprues, that are impossibly beautiful and their vintage finish makes them stand out. They have a ceramic content of 20 parts, 2 parts that you need to mix the concrete and the resin, 5 parts that you can use to make the book pages, 6 base parts, 7 legs and 8 filling material. They are available in a variety of sizes and the prices are reduced to 200 euros x 75 euros. You can now purchase a faux book sprues from the online shop for a special price of 1,200 euros.

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