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Computer Wipes And Q-tips

Everyone has personal hygiene items and they need to keep them clean. Since this is not something that most of us are particularly fond of, we wish we could do something to make this thing special. So here’s yet another idea: make a computer or a laptop wipe. You could make all sorts of things from a laptop accessory to a laptop cable organizer. It’s a nice way of personalizing the items you already own. Also, a very nice thing about this idea is that you can recycle or reuse your 31.5’’ or 23’’ sized laptop.

This way you can keep the items that you don’t use on a daily basis and they’ll be ok for next summer without having to take them down. The only time to donate is if you didn’t use the items.Available for 28$.If you’re passionate about DIYing things with simple items, we have a proposal. It’s a project that requires you to buy more than one laptop charger and to mix them in your project. Just pick the colors that you like and start planning.{found on epbot}.

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