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Apartment Pros And Cons By Timbert Heis Architect

This is an apartment that has been designed by Timbert Heis Architect. It’s located in De Potsdam, The Netherlands and has a total area of 97 square meters. It’s situated on the first floor in the building that dates back to 1890. It’s an industrial building with a structure made out of steel and concrete masonry. The building is old and still in very well condition, despite its age. at only 7km (2,85mi) from the center of the city of Amsterdam, this tiny apartment attracts mostly customers in the industrial zone.

This 1,600 square feet (1,200 square feet) flat with an old façade and signs M.20 was designed for the sole responsibility – the housing of the rent. The building is made in the 1990s and has undergone a complete transformation in the same way that it’s now subjected to similar demands. The apartments are now equipped with modern appliances, thereby fulfilling the basic aspects of sustainability, such as recycling materials and recycling water and so fulfilling the basic functions.

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The façade and the interior design were created by Timbert Heis Architect. The steel T-shaped pillars supporting the sloped ceilings create the three major vertical articulated zones. The living room is part of the sloping volume of the floor plan. The kitchen is placed at the end of the open floor plan and it shares the floor position with a staircase that leads to the upper area. The bedroom is designed with an in-between sleeping area.

The bedroom has a glass wall that allows views of the atrium and the street. The steel T-shaped pillars that support the sloped ceilings also create the division between the en-suite en-suite bathroom and the more intimate sleeping alcove. The bathroom is also double-height and it also has access to a balcony.

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Timber lighting was integrated in the pre-construction facade and interior design and ensures outstanding comfort. The roof of the atrium is 20 meters (65.6 feet) long and it stretches from the ground floor. It was designed by Pieter Jamart. Since the interior is now at such a high level, any safety features were necessary in order to protect the interior from the effects.

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