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Travel Storage Bags

If you like to keep all your stuff organized and all over you will certainly want to use some travel storage bags. Everything must have a place, some boxes and beakes, little trinkets around everything. I admit I’m not a guy who likes to travel a lot so I don’t use the travel bags most of the time. That’s why I’m rather cheap. However, there are some clever bags out there that will help you keep your travel hygiene running smoothly. Have a look at these travel bags and you’ll have money to spend on clever ways to store your stuff.

1. Hook Bags.

These sturdy hooks are called Hook BAG. They are a great solution for storing your stuff inside your clothespins and when you get bored of those plain hooks you can get some other designs. After you’re bored of see them go find some nice ones and use them to store your stuff.

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2. Cardboard Catalago Time bags.

They are also great and very useful, as they can be used to store all sorts of things like card games, sports shoes, files or anything else you might think to place there somewhere. I personally like these bags very much, as they are comfortable and also sturdy, but also made to be used very well. Just wrap some cord around the bag, insert a pillow or two and you’ll have a perfectly snug and practical storage space for your stuff.

3. Catalago Time Rings.

If you like simple and practical things, these are simple too and they are also resistant. But this also means that you can use them for storing different things. Probably what you think you know something about them is that they are made of rubber material but are generally resistant. So if you get bored with that idea and want to change something, just wipe them all off.Available for 16.19 euros.

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4. Rope Bag Planter.

If you are already an eco-friendly person and you already have some planters in your house, then this is a perfect accessory. It is very nice planter available in different colors and designs and storing small or big flowers. It is made of plastic, but also has a strong metal frame. The surprise of seeing such beautiful planter is that plants actually are tiny, and you don’t even have to take them inside, but make sure they are stable and in good shape. Made of Thailand, this planter is available for the special price of $169.

5. Pot Rack Organizer.

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But if you like structure and don’t really have a particular piece of furniture for storing your stuff, here is an idea of a practical piece. This pot rack organizer can help you organize and make it a special place for all the dry plants that you might think you don’t need. It is very simple to use, as you can fold it and use it as a paper cup or pin with all the other compartments. Modular made of non-toxic glue and chemical free paint make this pot rack great for any room in your house. Buy it for $69.

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