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Pillow Headboard: Bedside Table With Storage For Your Books And Magazines

How many of us haven’t a good bedside table? A nightstand is never going to help you any and, in most cases, this is what bedrooms are all about. But if you have the space for it, why not make it a cozy and very useful addition to the bedroom? Showcasing all your favorite things in an uncluttered and practical manner, this bedside table is the perfect solution.

The Bedside Table is composed of two elements. One is a thin storage cabinet which collects all the pillows and the other is a shelf. They fit perfectly on the sides and you can easily use the surface to store books or other small items.

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With this design you’ll be able to save a ton of floor space in the bedroom and the two pieces will provide a simple and practical way of keeping them close at hand when you want to be closer to your relaxing comforts. Add some sliding doors for more privacy and you’ll still have room to sit down and get ready in the morning. Tip: take the extra shelf out when the nightstand is in place.

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