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Modern Toile By MAbita

Bathrooms are probably the most common place to visit if you like elegance, simplicity and coziness and you also know that personalize your bathroom with faucets, accessories, washbasins, towel racks and lighting fixtures that enhance its beauty and quality of things. B toile is a bold and modern concept that will spice up your life and your home in a refined but appropriate way.

What’s not to love here?

The bold use of black and gold in this bathroom will not only fulfill the current trend but will continue to do so while also adding an elegant and modern touch to the space. Matching fixtures and furniture pieces are also ideal as the look is added with bold colors it making the space look larger while also breaking the monotony.

B toile is available in chrome and black so there are no other color options to be had in such a bold form. The idea was to make the place look larger while maintaining a sleek appearance with no other elements like flammous colors. I like the idea of using huge mirrors with tall and narrow visibility. From here the space widens and the golden mirror really highlights the room. I love the use of vibrant colors including a hot pink and a burnt orange. The golden accessories bring in the drama.

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What’s sad is the fact that this place is not exactly a pool house. Can you imagine life without that marble floor under there? I know I do. I’ve contemplated and I’ve come up with an idea.

Brody Residence by LOT-EK:

“It’s the master plan of Martin Aarssen for this house called “Leash Lamble”. This house was built with the intention of storing cars, bikes and skateboards. The house is located in a suburb of Copenhagen which is a hardcore sports fanatics”. The garage was designed to allow the owner to store his car collection as well.

The entry of the house is set under a tiled roof with a vast garage door designed specifically for the home. The home is built with wood and aluminum which makes it durable and the veneer tile floors and doors are made of hammered black aluminum. The location of the house is very carefully chosen by the chosen sloping roof pitches giving the house a light appearance. The house is built with wooden exterior deck that adorns the house, creating an interesting contrast with its surroundings.

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The back of the house is largely open concept and is where the kitchen, the family room and the dining room are. Each area has its own artwork so the guests can display as much of the local culture as they would like. The wooden floors are also a reminiscence of the cold scenery outside while the furniture is a reminiscille of modern design. The sleeping area has a black and white theme, with the use of a beautiful silk sofa in the living room and the large-screen TV in the back room. The dining table is made of wood and the chairs are made of black leather and the wall color is a soft sky blue.

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The whole house is a mix of modern and local design elements that pay homage to some of the neighbourhoods streets and communities that neighboring houses placed within them. To support this idea we chose to bring the cultural heritage of the city to the house. Renta Villa’s program is the product of a conscious effort to celebrate that idea through an architectural effort that was led by a group of fellow travellers rather than an exclusive hobby shop approach.”

Photos by: Yannick Milpas, Vyman Tambo

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