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Ikea Vaxer Block Stairwell In SoHo By Yoshiaki Oyamura & Associates

This beautiful staircase has been designed by S recipartmental Arquitetos Associados and it is located in São Paulo, Brazil. The name of the building expresses the technical innovation, the modernity at the same time and the subtle mysterious and stylish way the steel handrail rims seem to help the user see through the building. The upper part of the staircase is made out of polished stainless steel, and the handrail seems to float in the air. It looks like a perfect design for a contemporary space where the details are very carefully selected and inserted.

The handraiser is made of stainless steel, is arranged beautifully and a piece of art supposed to be used in the staircase is actually hanging above the handrail. The building has cement benches from which you can admire the beautiful steel surfaces. These cement benches and furniture make the space inviting and warm, like a warm home. The furniture is modern and fresh, a great example of a decorative or artistic work.

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