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Ikea Icelandic Residence By Cimato + Melotti Arquitetura

When you say “ icelandic” you usually imagine something warm and colorful but you can actually do that with more durable and resistant materials. Architecture and design are two domains that usually meet almost the same risks but that have different purposes. For example, living in the seaside can be tricky, especially when the weather is so nice and you need to be prepared for that.

But there are a few elements that allow us to deal with this challenge and that makes us stay warm and cozy. A good example would be the summer house. This is a summer-home located in Nova Lima, in Brazil. The house was built in 2011and measures a total of 155 square meters.

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The purpose of the project was to have a durable and suitable structure, one that would be able to withstand the humidity and extreme weather conditions and would also be able to be multifunctional. The summer house was designed by Architecture party;the way the large windows open up all the rooms and the way the balanced seem of floating stairs allow the inhabitants to play with the space and where they can interact with the social areas.

The summer house features a large and retracting sunrobes that help continue the pleasurable temperature of the water. Another beautiful feature is the balconies that make the transition between the interior to the exterior and all the beautiful surrounding landscapes. Inside, each room has its own piece of nature.{found on designboom}

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