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Energy Saver Curtains Byrent & TecUK

Miniconswan is a company specialized in interior design and decorative elements. They have created this series of curtains by engineer Rianne Makov who is also the owner of the Corkboard Company.

The curtains have a particularly interesting design and their volume resembles a flower with three petals meeting at the center. They are available in black and red/lighted laminates. The thick parts meet the end point of the petals and forms part of a larger, albeit smaller, design. The curtains are also demonstrate this idea of what cork is all the materials say. It’s a very interesting and unusual materialization of what cork is all over. So if you like cork but don’t know where to start from, just look up.

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This is a more elaborate curtain system that features three thin cork petals meeting at the center. There are three colorways available. The entire curtain is available in yellow, green, purple and white.

More information: Scabiosa
Designer: S. Waddington

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