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Dining Room Bookshelves – Useful Accessories In A Home Library

Even though most homes have bookshelves in their living rooms and rooms, there are exceptions that are specifically designed to be very useful like this one. This shelf is very useful particularly because it allows you to store and display all the books you like on shelves and also to have a very simple and functional interior design without following a pattern. Notice the minimalist and compact design. Like most modern furniture pieces, it has a very simple and sleek structure.

The shelves inside the shelf are very simple and yet very sturdy. They are made of wood and the wood with an oiled finish. They seem very simple and they are actually very good-looking. In addition, the design is very versatile and would look beautiful in a traditional, rustic, modern and even contemporary home as long as there are enough items that fit there. The overall dimensions of this bookshelf are 16?H X 20?W X 24?D. You can buy it for the special price of $1,395.00. It can be used for example in the living room or in the bedroom where it can be sued in multiple areas.

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