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60s Couch Collection By Re:ski

Scandinavian style has long been a very popular interior designer’s favorite, with modern and contemporary collections usually encapsulated in the Re-skoolis (anti-trend metals) and red metal furniture pieces. However, not every home has enough space for these furniture pieces. It is a challenge when it comes to creating the desired living space and living style but also one that makes sense to the homeowner. That is what designers like Re:ski have created aptly “Unfold”.

The project, gave by designers at Re:ski is an interesting and breathtaking place to call home. What is also unique about this residence is the balance between interesting shapes, interesting textures, artistic items, artistic forms, proportions and numerous little details which make the house appear was once an old and forgotten space. The residence is organized in such a way that it blurs the boundary between the interior and the exterior and of the influences which conspired in the house’s favour. The house has several bespoke pieces such as the ship inspiration rooms, the storage shelves which are made from the floor for minimal impact to the exterior and the wonderful ceramic garden which is a part of the interior design.

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