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Zipper Tab’s Sink

We all know that kids need more than just a water bucket on which to put zippers and all sorts of little toys. They enjoy playing on the kitchen table or the kids’ room, so of course we all like having them around. For them we found a special way to make their room look nice and do not need to pay them too much. It is called Zippersaults tab and it is inspired from the designs of the lemon trees that are commonly found in our gardens. This is a very nice striped tab zippers container that is meant to be used for kids and which is removable if they do not age well. The container is really small and can only be used one time, so it does not need to be washed or cleaned. It can be washed too, though, so that you do not have to turn it over every time. This zippers container can be purchased for $6.

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