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Vintage Boho Chic Interiors- A Lively Blend Of Blush And Black

If you love black and white as a color duo, you will surely fall in love with this trendy interior design. Crisp blues and bold greens show off a bolder shade of purple while shades of pink abound in the design. It is a beautiful combination that is as fashionable as the pastel pink dishwasher!

A sophisticated touch is the first thing that you will notice when you step into this home. Carefully chosen accent details set the tone of the living area. Notice how the grey vases, the wall mirrors, the bed throw and even the brassy light fixture hanging above the bed complement the retro, midcentury style with its cherry and gold theme.

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Surprisingly, pink is a very popular color choice in modern interiors. In a loft or a Upstairs House, you can use an accent hue instead of a classic shade like fiery red to enhance the minimalism and blandness of the decor. Check out these charming kitchens from decadeoflife for inspiration.

Bold colors are especially great when we are trying to create a cool, modern space. The use of dark tones is not one of the hottest colors in interiors, but it looks very sophisticated when combined with the posh glass kitchen and smart contemporary appliances. The traditional backsplash is always an ideal choice and this exquisite kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke makes you reflect in its use of black and white wall coll hangers. In addition to an impressive design, this kitchen is also a wonderful place to discover amazing natural elements.

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Arent & Pyke proves that you don’t have to cover an entire wall to create a stunning and unique design. The subtle colors that are combined with black and white layering allow an airy and spacious design, yet the subtlety of the design is minimally disturbed by interesting patterns or furniture additions. Large glass windows ensure that there is ample natural light flooding into the space, while the use of stone and wood walls help to break up the monotony of the neutral color palette.

A 1920’s apartment with a masculine vibe has a timeless vibe that is tempered by sophisticated, minimalist décor and sumptuous finishes. The use of the black and white color scheme in this space allows you to eliminate any sense of clutter, and the carefully chosen accessories and lighting enhance the appeal of the room. With black and white interiors, you probably won’t be over anything, especially since everything is focused on the dramatic appeal of the room!

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