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My children love playing and there’s so much that I find frustrating. But since my kids like to be creative and to make new and unexpected inventions – items that can help them on their projects – I thought it would be a nice idea to combine Strand Circular Table with an item that will allow me to distinguish different shapes between all the toys I’ve inherited from my grandparents. This Rainbow Strand Circular Table is made of Strand Pine Wood Chairs and it is available in different colours from white to pink. Even the fact that you can choose the colour and the dimensions also determines the price. Even the most difficult part is that is can be made by yourself if the materials you want and skill are not available at the moment. I’m not sure why my kids love playing with shapes but this piece of furniture is just perfect.

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The tabletop has seven legs in the middle and is only an inch thick. However, there are some mechanisms that obstructs the tabletop. And since it has no holes, the tabletop can be placed flat and is easy to maneuver. Depending on the material and the dimensions, the table can be made of steel, wood or vinyl. There are many variations, since the collection is available in more than colors. The Vintage Woods Indoor Table with Legs sold for $ While another model made of wood offered for $.

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