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Rubbermaid Shoe Boxes From Etsy

I’ve always found this storage solution original because of its function. This is a set of two storage boxes for various objects including shoes, bags and other things. You might find it useful to know that you can assemble these boxes yourself, but why not? Any way, these storage boxes are very useful because they are resistant and they are rigid. That increases their versatility and allows you to clean them up a little bit, if you do not use them.

The idea is very simple. You just take a pair of regular skateboard wheels and transport them to your work space. You use them to neatly store all the objects in there, including the remote controls. It is an object that we all use in our homes, it is always handy to have at least one object organized with your family. Any way, you can purchase more objects from the Internet, so you can put them in the same shiny combination like the ones in the pictures. This colored object is called Rubberg Tank Floor Lamp and is exactly what you need when you want to transform your kid’ s room into a working place or maybe even a jungle corner where you can spend relaxing moments.

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The two pieces of furniture are skateboard wheels, short. They are glued together to allow the light coming from the wheels to escape. It is a nice looking item that will add style to your kid’ s room. The available sizes are Heavy 40?W x 22?D x 30?H,75?W x 22?D x 29?H, 75?W x 22?D x 29?H, 75?W x 22?D x 34?H. The item can be bought for $ 6,800. It is perfect for your kid’ s room and your children can play in it, you can put some Playbom chairs, slap on some pillows there and you can take it with you everywhere you go somewhere where nobody is busy. If you want to buy it now you can purchase it online for only $9.95.

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