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Outdoor Bamboo Shade For Your Patio

Bamboo is a modern material with strong and unique properties. It’s often used to create intricate patterns and designs and it’s appreciated for its soothing effect. Outdoor furniture is very popular because it adds warmth anywhere you place it and it’s very versatile too. All you have to do is pick the right nuance and combine colors in order to get the desired effect. Here’s an example of how you can make your patio look like it’s been created.

The Pin Aluminum Backdrop was designed by Shou-Manocchi and it’s basically a bamboo shade designed for outdoor furniture. The design is simple and classic. The Pin shade is made with thin fiberboard bamboo plywood panels and the shade itself is a wood slab. The number however is not exactly intuate. It’s actually the number that touches the shade in the center of the shade box. The panels are created by sketching the number of panels in order to get an precise and accurate design.The Block treatment was applied on all the panels, at the top and bottom of the shade box and they form a kind of diamond pattern. The effect is subtle and very beautiful and unique.

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