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Diagon Alley Lego House In Toronto

This is the Diagon Alley lego house, a very cool and unique project developed in collaboration with First Nations Mailbox District and United Toronto Urbanism. The project was completed in late 2012 and resulted in a very interesting house. It’s not a typical home for the clients. This was something that they had to share with everyone in order to eventually impress.

The client was a 26-year old man that had a very simple standard in terms of amenities and requirements. He requested a “relaxation” space that would accommodate everyday use and not only. The idea was to take a bath in the beautiful lap of the client without spending too much money.Sure, it was a difficult request but one you have to make the most of it. The concept was to make the space more adaptable and versatile so that it would serve as a gathering place for the whole family regardless of their interests or needs.

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The client requested a low-maintenance living environment with a high degree of cleaning. The main goal was to allow him the perfect place to rest and relax during the day and to create a place that would feel familiar and relaxing, without becoming boring or too busy.

The entry to the house is a 6-meter high with a beautiful and inviting foyer with a fireplace. The ground floor of the house contains a beautiful family room on the street level and a bedroom suite with an en-suite bathroom behind the family room. The upper floor is a loft with the master suite on the other side. It’s a compact space with large windows and glass walls that offer splendid views over the surrounding landscape.

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