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California Bird Cage…

I spent some time hunting for bird’s eggs last year and this has inspired me to create my own piece of work created specifically to fulfill this purpose. So I started with some Californian butterfly eggs. And after a while I thinks about making some other birds’ home, too.

The Swedish company – Clessidra – designed a very nice work at this. And the product is made in Sweden, so it can be shipped anywhere in the world. The frame is made of strong and man-made resin. The butterfly wings are crafted and the support is reinforced using an auger. The wastelite sheet is used for making it so resistant to corrosion and heat.

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The curved support is in fact fixated into the wood itself, so it sticks to any other surface without needing any attention. The set includes: a plastic measureter, two plastic baskets, a test tube and a wire cage. The set also includes a nesting paper holder, two nesting paper holders if you’d like to be able to see the paint through the paper bag and a cutlery stand to safely hold the plates. The product will be delivered to you in a matter of time, so you’ll have your dinnerware ready in no time.

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