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Large Fur Rug By Simona De Troyes

For those who really like animals and prefer to transmit that particular way about them, we have a special product called Simona de Troyes. This product was designed by the French designer Simona de Troyes, who is a very active person and specialized in applied and decorative approaches. You may think of that when you think of the bathroom. It’s not the most comfortable place you could imagine.

It’s not the most comfortable or pleasant, but it’s not the pleasant design or décor that made it to leave you with the same feelings when you step in the room. First of all, the first impression is very important. That’s why it’s difficult to provide a certain image from the item you put on your bathroom sink. Sometimes just a small detail can satisfy the desire and make the room seem relaxing and beautiful. That’s also the reason why nightstands and headboards are so much more functional.

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But there’s also another solution for make-up vanities and dressing tables to choose: white. But in order to obtain a fresh and airy image, you should use colors and materials that are similar to that color no matter how harsh or neutral the image makes you feel.

Let’s take for example this stylish residence. It located in Turin, China and it seems to be vintage, but this only makes it more interesting and unique. The idea was to create a simple and functional interior design that would also match the exterior and that would make the transition from exterior easier and more pleasant. Turin University, in the name of the project, had to be a big success. They managed to turn this residence into a top class modern residence with beautiful interiors. The residence was designed to be multifunctional with the day zones, media rooms, bedrooms and all sorts of other features.

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The living area features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow beautiful views over the eucalypts and lush vegetation that surrounds the property. The modern furniture chosen for this project features fresh colors and that also gives the décor a little dynamism. Overall, this contemporary residence is just what a ski resort should offer.{found on contemporist}.

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