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Color Of Joy – A Table Lamp With A Bright Shade Of Yellow

Color is very powerful and it can even influence our mood whether we realize it or not. Every little thing that we do eventually ends up creating something beautiful and beautiful. Sometimes color becomes negative, especially when it interacts with the reality that you have set. However, there’s one area in particular that always seems to remain in our minds: the kitchen. It’s why table lamps are very much needed in there. Table lamps are that piece of furniture that stands in the kitchen and provides that needed brightness to that space.

The Jumbo table lamp has a colorful shade with a yellow and pink rim. It features a lovely yellow rim with a red bottom band. The pink rim matches the bottom of the rim, so that the yellow layer could be used as a background. This way the table lamp contributes to the red equippnenity effect. The pink rim also looks great against the yellow table lamp, so that’s why this lamp is perfect for that part.

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The dimensions of this table lamp are 15w 40d 23h, and each lamp is only 26h. It’s a 2-piece table and lamp set that sold as one set. You can buy it for $195.00 at the official site.

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