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Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Wallpaper

The bohemian style is probably the most versatile style in the world. It’s the simplest kind of style and not that demanding. It’s also friendly and fun to work with. A bohemian décor is always fun and easy to work with. Just remember to create a warm and cozy décor and avoid harsh contrasts. These are typically main details.

The key when starting a bohemian decor is to keep a modern-industrial touch, the point being the lack of industrial or modern touches. The furniture needs to look simple, casual and relaxed and a lack of other edgy elements plus a beautiful light fixture or some other accent feature.

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And we’re not only talking about the kid’s bedroom but also the main living area, the bedroom and the dining room. Check out how cute this room is. With all those vanities and chic furniture, it’s an inviting and cheerful place to spend the holidays and vacations.

These bunk beds from Alica are particularly cute. They have that canopy bed which looks like a tiny canopy tent. It’s just what the kids’ room needs. This is not just an unusual piece of furniture but also a bunk bed.

The coziness of the colors and the simple and casual design make this bunk room a very cute piece of paradise and we can even picture myself there. Located in Palm Springs, this place is great for kids and they don’t let a single item go out of place, even if it’s just one.

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