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Midcentury Lamps From Emoto

When we are large we have no worry and everywhere we go is fine, we are rich and active and always keep up. But when we are smaller, we have no rest but wet clothes and children’s clothes. The next fridge is perfect and it helps us save a lot of energy. But instead of sitting on the couch in front of it all the kids do is play on the tiles or pegs or hang their clothes in an area that is higher than the rest of their friends. And since kids need floors to play on, the moms love DIY projects and now that the perfect solution is found it can be very practical. This funny Mid-Century Lamps from Emoto are made of cheap lab offcuts from hand painting projects and recycled parts. They are made of red pine wood, plain red plywood and red unfinished wood.

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If you like the idea of crafting these DIY lamps you will also find them on World-At Home and you can use them as inspiration for your own Christmas project. Your handmade Christmas look will be more appreciated and it will really help your days even more. You can choose different types of red pine wood and of course different size bases and sizes to create your own unique project or you can purchase individual lamp stands and put them together to create an original arrangement like the one we presented above.{found on etsy}.

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